Sticky Screen Cleaner

Need to personalize your lable ? Want it small but useful ? We can !

Our Sticky screen cleaner - every mobile needs one ! Make it as gift, your customer will keep it along with their phone. Which works like a brand carrier.

These innovative handy cleaners can be used for cleaning the screen of all smartphones, iPads, iPod touch ,tablet PCs , laptops, digital camera, eReaders, camcorders & other portable devices as well as sunglasses.

Front side features the ultra fine microfiber cloth, it can removes dirt, oils, makeup and fingerprints from screens safely.

How to use

screen cleaner sticker

Back side is sticky gel which is an eco-friendly material with self-adhesive, easy to stick to electronic devices with the outward surface displaying the design and it's can be peeled off for wiping application when needed.

Highly convenient and stays with you wherever you go, designed to be used over & over again, simply stick it on the back of devices after cleaning.

Perfect premiums idea for telecom company , cellphone brand , a must-have accessory and great gift for all mobile user.

Washable, Reusable, Portable. Remarkable. MOQ for customizing : 100pcs.

Sticky screen cleaner
Promotional mobile phone sticker
Customized logo sticky screen cleaner