Unitgift Sticky Screen Cleaner Pad is made of micro fibre cloth on front side and eco-friend sticky material on backside with a paper card where the Pad is stick to.

Companies’ Logo and various beautiful patterns can be hot stamp printed on the micro fibre cloth.

Company logo, symbol, products, service or contact information that you want to promote can be printed on the paper card also.

Sticking the screen cleaner to the mobile phone, you can bring it everywhere when you go with your phone. At the same time,

you advertise and let everybody know you. They will thank you every time when they use your gift—Unitgift Stiky Screen Cleaner to clean their display!

The Advantage of Hohi Screen Cleaner Pad

The displays of your high grade mobile phone or digital products become tarnishable due to the dirt, oil, fingerprint, dust. Even more, Summer is coming now.

What an annoyed thing that your display are clammy because of your sweat on your cheek when you making a call. What a pity! You dress in bright but use a clammy mobile phone!

You even can’t see clearly the image who you miss everyday on your 3G display!

Hohi digital screen cleaner pad solve all the troublesome above.

It protects carefully and prevents your display from damage. Hohi screen cleaner pad is one of the patent pending products invented by Hohi Company.

We improve the screen cleaner style from hang to the phone to stick on the back of phone. Peel off it from the back of the phone when use it to clean your display and stick it back to the phone after finish cleaning.

The micro fibre on the front side of the cleaner pad makes the display shiny without any damage.

You can’t think it! Let us learn more advantages of this product below:

Where to use

You possibly have more than one digital product such as mobile phone, Laptop, digital Camera, game console, PDA and so on. Don’t be worried, any display cleaning problem can be solved by Hohi screen cleaner Pad!

How to use:

1、Peel Screen Cleaner Pad from the back of your mobile phone.
2、Wipe and clean your display.
3、Stick back Screen Cleaner Pad on the rear side of your mobile phone
4、Wash the pad when it is dirt and dry it


1、Wipe the place where you stick to.
2、Keep the pad backside clean. It will be easily off because of dirt or water.
3、Wash it with water or detergent when it becomes dirt and less sticky.
4、Keep it from children swallowing.

The package of Hohi Screen Cleaner Pad:

Normally, Hohi Screen Cleaner Pad can be stick to a paper card and inserted into a clear bag.

Please make reference to the following chart to get the information of the paper card what you want:

Size of Cleaner

Size of Paper Card


gloss lamination or varnishing


Size of Bag


within 7*9CM

4+1color 4+4color

gloss lamination on both side


within W75*H95mm








If you want more information on your paper card, the size of paper card will be enlarged accordingly. Please contact our sales representative to customize it.

Various contents can be printed on the front side of the paper card as per various needs:

1、Company’s LOGO visual image + simple adverting word
2、topic product or service image + simple describe
3、coupon with the introduction
4、entrée with the introduction of the activity
5、Loyalty Card
6、Enterprise Publicize
7、Discount Card
8、Questionaire Survey Card

On the back of the paper card, you can print your contact Information, how to use screen cleaner Pad or some notice of using it, etc.

Microfiber sticky screen cleaner