Custom Microfiber Cloth

Unitgfit Factory can customize microfiber cloth with your logo, contact info, and just about anything else you can imagine! We do the dye sublimation and digital printing in-house and embossing logo and silk screening printing, the process we use doesn't affect your ability to use the cloth to cleaner screen ,lcd,wath,lens etc.

In fact, the digital printed area doesn't feel any differently than the rest of the microfiber cloth!

Please keep the following in mind when ordering:
1. Our printing process uses heat and pressure which flattens the cloth. They will fluff up when you launder them.
2. We cannot print on black cloth.for this just can full side digital printing.
3. We cannot print the white logo colour cloth. but white colour logo can be silk printing.
4. The logo should be darker than the cloth and have good contrast.

Microfiber cloth material option:
1).80%polyester and 20% polyamide fibre cloth,190gsm,210gsm,220gsm,280gsm,good for cleaning effect and also have good printing effect.
2)100%polyester cloth,170gsm,220gsm,230gsm,best printing effect.
3)double fleece microfiber cloth,190gsm,good for beach towel using.
4)Suede,touch more soft,good for cleaning effect,in normal for this cloth use embossing logo.

Customized size and die cut shape for your need,small MOQ,good for your promotion project ,and daily using.