Material characteristics and application of seamless bandana

Since the nineties of last century, because the use of need, the Spanish motorcycle riders invented the "seamless bandana", this stylish and practical outdoor sports items on the
Has become a new favorite of all kinds of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Scarf, headband, wind sand cover, no-round cap, cap pocket, wrist, and so on,
Wrapped chest ... ... for running, hiking, mountain climbing, climbing, skiing, tennis, motorcycles, beach vehicles, bicycles, outreach training and other outdoor sports

(Please imagine to play, only to think, not impossible), can also be used as corporate advertising image of the advertising headscarf.


Unique seamless design and process production, so that the product is not annoying line seam and seam edge, better flexibility.

Seamless multifunctional bandana with seamless seams made of such a special process so that the hood has a strong flexibility and durability.

In the course of the use, no longer need
To accommodate the joints in the head which position does not affect the appearance, the use of arbitrary when worn on the head or a good pattern can be folded.

After a long period of use also
You can find the headscarf can still be restored to the original appearance.


Using a special high-performance 100% polyester microfibre: wind, breathable, absorbent, quick-drying, soft, very good moisture absorption, water droplets immediately penetrate,
Can effectively absorb sweat to achieve the effect of dry and comfortable, machine washable, non-fading, non-ironing.