Wholesale drawstring waterproof bag smartphone pouch

Mobile Waterproof Bag  suitable for  within 6.5 inches mobile phones


Wholesale drawstring waterproof bag smartphone pouch

⛱️ Clear Window on both front and back sides,
easy to operate the touch screen functions, perfect for taking pictures, videos and checking emails

⛱️ 100 feet/30 meters IPX8 Certified waterproof,
perfect for pools, beach, fishing, swimming, sailing, skiing, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, tubing, rafting, shower,
sauna and other water park activities, keep your phone and wallet perfectly dry and safe

⛱️ Each comes with a neck strap for convenient carrying,
so you can fully dive into your adventures without worrying about your valuables being stolen

⛱️ Tips: 1. Please carry out a waterproof test on the product before using it. 2. Make sure it is sealed properly before use it in the water.

Noted :
Waterproof bags are suitable for outdoor rafting, swimming, beach playing and ordinary diving, but not recommended when diving more than 30 meters.
Condensation inside the bag caused by moisture in the air is a normal phenomenon.
Keep away from any sharp objects.

Wholesale drawstring waterproof bag smartphone pouch