Custom printing logo Ski Strap ski binding,magic tape ski strap with logo

Top Quality Manufacture Velcro ski strap For Ski Racing,magic tape ski strap with logo.

Keep the ski locked together,

Makes carrying skis easier,

Velcro ski strap For Ski Racing product of ungrouped offered by Shenzhen paxstrap Textile

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Best Ski Carry Straps in 2021: Easily Carry Your Skies.

Ski strap material: nylon, blended fabric, polyester

Color: A variety of colors, can be customized according to customer requirements.

Purpose: It can be used to bind the legs and protect the legs when skiing. It is convenient and simple to use, personalized, and meets the aesthetic needs of modern people! The company logo can be printed on the ski straps to promote the corporate image.

Environmental protection: Made of high-quality imported raw materials, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, it is one of the new Velcro products that have been favored by domestic and foreign markets in recent years. The Velcro ski belt contains environmentally friendly and non-toxic EVA.


1. Reusable, durable,

2. Lightweight, soft, flexible, and can be bent arbitrarily.

3. The position of the hook and loop fastener can be changed arbitrarily, and the length is easy to adjust.

4. It can be cut in any length and shape, and can be fixed on the utensils used by stitching, pasting or high-frequency fusion, which is suitable for various industrial needs.

Heat resistance: It starts to soften at 180℃, and starts to melt at 215℃-220℃.
Cold resistance: It can still be used at minus 20°C, and the lower the temperature, the stronger the tensile force, but the durability will decrease. Environmental protection: The company's products can meet international (EU environmental protection standards), and the dye does not contain azo and heavy metals.

Function: 1. Fix the plate head to prevent the plate head from damaging the bottom of the plate by friction

2. Fix the board to prevent it from loosening

Usage: Usually a pair of skis use 2 straps, one is used on the board head and the other is used in the middle of the holder; clamp the white rubber pad in the middle of the strap between the two boards, clamp the board, tighten the Velcro That's it.