Custom printing Ice Scraper Boxscraper Refrigerator Freezer Defroster Tool

Ice Scraper Boxscraper Refrigerator Freezer Defroster Tool, Subzero defroster, Sturdy, Foam Grip, Compact Size, for Car Auto SUV Truck Windshield Windows.

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  • 【A Must Have to Remove Ice / Frost / Snow】 This plastic ice scraper can simply use the claw side to break up the ice and then the blade side to remove the ice .Perfectly use as a tool box freezer.
  • 【Sturdy & Solid Built】The ice scalper is made of strong, sturdy high-quality material that holds up against piles of snow. And no need to worry about any scratches.
  • 【Comfortable to Hold】 This gasket scraper comes with thick and comfortable foam grip which makes it easy to hold and repel cold.
  • 【Compact to Storage】Size: 4 X 18 X 11cm Small size. Lightweight and portable which makes it easy to store in your car as a better ice scraper.
  •  This freezer defroster is a must-have tool and a practical gift in winter. So buy one for yourself and the other one for your family or friends.