Custom logo promotion Sharp Multitool Card multi tool card


Material: Stainless steel


Printing:Laser printing or silk print

logo can be printed as per customer’s request

Packing:Each in a polybag

MOQ:100 pcs

Factory Location: Guangzhou

Product Origin: China

Can opener:The following hook adge

port used in conjunction with the above,

can easily open tin cans.

The side knife:sharp edge can cut the rope,

washed and cut fruits is not a problem.

Screwdrivers:in a corner of the card

(this location advantage of increasing the

strength of the mechanics and more effort).

the scientific point of cutting into a flat-blade

screwdriver,screws can be elastic models commonly used.

Ruler:The metric scale,minimum scale mm.

Bottleopener:for beer,beverage bottle cap open.

Positioning wrench:four different types of hexagonal

wrench,suitable for daily use of the size of bolts and nuts.

Wrench:the hollow strip slot,you can squeeze any

flat type bohou different items with a turnbuckle.

Serrated:double staggered sawtooth,increase,

improve effciency,i used to cut wood branches

not only to remove the scale is also very good use.

Directional:you can use accurate determination

of the scale of sixteen equal portions in different directions.

Positioning wrench:two different types of hexagonal

wrenches,smaller than some of the 6 function model.

Custom logo promotion Sharp Multitool Card multi tool card