Custom Digital Printed combined microfiber Duo Cloth towel

Custom Digital Printed combined microfiber cloth towel,printing microfiber cloth side and cleaning with microfiber towel Duo Cloth towel.

we can make many function for Microfiber duo cloth towel for below products:

Microfiber Duo cloth mobile phone case.

Microfiber Duo cloth ipad and laptopsleeve case

Custom Digital Printed Duo Cloth towel combined microfiber cloth towel,one side printing microfiber cloth one side microfiber cleaning towel.

The Duo Cloth is a versatile and functional microfiber lens cloth combined with a light weight terry knit for effective, scratch-free dual sided cleaning. Like all of our microfiber fabrics, Duo Cloth is anti- microbial and hypoallergenic, highly absorbent, removes dust and smudges easily without additional cleaning liquids. Reusable and Washable.

Perfect for Tablets, Phones, Computers,Cameras, Eyewear cleaning.

Microfiber cloth side is good for digital printing image full side,microfiber terry towel is more better in cleaning and absorbs water.

Microfiber Duo cloth towel with carabiner as kitchen or bathroom dry hand towel

Microfiber Duo cloth ipad sleeve case

Microfiber Duo cloth mobile phone case