Italian Flag Bandana

Face cover bandana, Multicolour headwear Bandanas
Printing:Any logo and colors are available
Material:100% polyester
Size: 50*25cm
Technics:Digital printing
Packing details:polybag or custom packing


Bandana is a closed tube of fabric, it offers great protection from the sun, cold, wind and dust.
It can also be worn for decorative purposes, adding a unique sparkle to your outfit.
There are numerous ways to wear bandana.

◎ Neck Warmer (neck gaiter)– keep the bandana around your neck, pull it up and adjust to cover your whole neck.

    It’s a great way to protect against sun burn or against cold winds.

◎ Mask – Starting off with the tube bandana on your neck, then pull it up to just below your eyes.

Wristband – Simply wrapping the bandana around your wrist until it is tight enough to stay on your wrist.

   It’s a great way to absorb sweat when doing workouts.

Italian Flag Bandana