How to do personal protection well in latest Delta virus time?

The latest Delta virus has spread all over the world. COVID-19's long-term survival is already the inevitable result.

How to do personal protection well?

1. The safest way is to vaccinate as soon as possible.

2. Wear masks when going out and wear them correctly. The plastic aluminum strip on the mask should fit closely with the nose and both sides of the face to play a protective role. After wearing the mask, the gas does not leak from both sides, indicating that the tightness of the mask is good.

3. Do a good job in personal hygiene, especially wash hands frequently. Delta virus is also transmitted through respiratory tract. Developing the hygienic habit of washing hands frequently can reduce the infection caused by hand touch.

4. Keep a certain social distance and do not gather.

5. As a close contact group, or citizens who have been to public places where cases have occurred, they should take the initiative to see a doctor when they have mild pharyngeal pain, fatigue, gastrointestinal symptoms, or olfactory and taste disorders.

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