10 Species advertising promotional products

Enduring advertising promotional products

advertising promotional products are enterprises in the business or business activities in order to improve or expand the visibility,

improve the market share of products, access to higher sales performance and profit and special procurement.

As a gift of the product, usually with a brand logo or business logo, with some special meaning of the product.

At the same time advertising is a promotional gift, the right advertising promotional products in the minds of customers to establish a permanent and deep impression.

1.Advertising promotional cap

General advertising caps are doing activities to achieve the effect of outdoor group publicity. So you can need advertising area, bright colors.

2.Advertising promotional mouse pad

Advertising promotional Mouse pad will be placed under the wrist of people, with its exquisite small size and convenient and practical features,

has won numerous electronic, network, electrical and food manufacturers favor, become an important form of corporate advertising The Advertising mouse pad

as an advertising carrier has the following four advantages, cheap, beautifully printed, advertising format, publicity and strong role.

3.Advertising promotional coasters

Silicone coasters are generally used in restaurants, cafes, hotels and other public places, can be used for advertising jewelry to improve the image.

Silicone coaster can be added to the company, corporate logo more prominent, closer to people's lives.

4.Advertising promotional bandana

Magic bandana, also known as seamless bandana, for walking, walking, climbing, rock climbing, skiing, tennis, motorcycles, beach cars, bicycles,

outreach training and other outdoor sports (please enjoy imagination, only think, ), Can also be used as corporate advertising image of the advertising promotional products.

5.Advertising promotional printed t shirts

Advertising Promotional Print T-shirt is a very useful assistant for corporate companies to advertise,

and if you choose a advertising promotional products, this is a good choice.

6.Advertising promotional silicone card holder

This is a kind of can be posted on the back of the phone when the card with the advertising promotional products,

its material is printed on the top of the pattern can reach a very fine level.

Suitable for gift to the user when the daily necessities, will get the user's favorite.

7.Advertising promotional led keychain

Small led key chain can be made in the above big article,Put your logo on the above to promote your company or product is the most appropriate.

8.Advertising promotional microfiber cleaning cloth

Can be a cleaning product is also a promotional advertising, take this will give the user will accept, because it is really useful.

You do not cause any negative effects even though you print something on the cloth.

9.Advertising promotional microfiber cleaning pouch

Use it to install mobile phones and clean the screen, good advertising promotional products.

10.Advertising promotional sticky screen cleaner

The "mobile phone cleaning stickers" stick to the back of the phone, you can prevent the phone wear.

Remove the "mobile phone cleaning stickers", with the printing surface to wipe the LCD screen, you can erase the dirt.

You can print on the above URL, two-dimensional code, product information, contact and so on.

You can print on the above URL, two-dimensional code, product information, contact and so on. Keep your products, companies, websites, or yourself yourself all the time.