Custom tubular face shield bandana

Digital printing Custom seamless bandana,quick producing,small MOQ

1.soft and Comfortable.Comfortable and soft feel, good wear experience, no ball, easy to carry.

2.Fine Fabric.Selection of high quality fabric, soft and skin-friendly  breathable and breathable.

3.Good Elasticity.Super fine polyester fabric, good elasticity, not afraid of pulling, tensile strength

4.HD Printing.HD digital sublimation printing, bright colors, vivid images, do not fade.


Custom tubular face shield bandana,digital printing image logo full side

How to customize your products?

Hi everyone,We have many clients telling us that they could not find face masks in their countries, but they really need something to cover their nose and mouth to prevent direct splash exposures.

We think bandana would be a great product to recommend, as it can cover your face while creating personal styles, so we figured we should make a video to share this product with you all.

But please note that bandana does not serve any medical purposes, it cannot replace medical face masks, it can only be used to prevent direct splash exposures.

Bandana is a closed tube of fabric, it offers great protection from the sun, cold, wind and dust. It can also be worn for decorative purposes, adding a unique sparkle to your outfit.

There are numerous ways to wear bandana.
We will be introducing you a few bandana styles ideas.

◎ Neck Warmer (neck gaiter)– keep the bandana around your neck, pull it up and adjust to cover your whole neck. It’s a great way to protect against sun burn or against cold winds.

◎ Mask – Starting off with the tube bandana on your neck, then pull it up to just below your eyes.

◎Balaclava - Put the entire bandana over your head and position around your neck. Pull from the back of your neck up and over your head to create a hood. Then take the bandana from the front of your neck to neatly fold over nose and mouth.

◎Hair Band (hairbano) – Begin with a scarf around your neck, then pull it up at the front to push back your hair.

◎Foulard – Position the bandana around your neck, pull it up to push your hair back, and then open up the back of the fabric slightly. Adjust the fabric to cover your hair.

◎Pirate – Turn tube bandana inside out.
Put both arms through while crossing to opposite sides.
Grab one side of bandana, and shape larger opening to fit your head.
Place on head and adjust knotted tail to fit.

◎Scrunchie – Wrapping the bandana around your hair to create a ponytail. It serves as a decorative purpose while keeping your hair back.

◎Wristband – Simply wrapping the bandana around your wrist until it is tight enough to stay on your wrist. It’s a great way to absorb sweat when doing workouts.

Additional information

Dimensions 25 × 25 × 0.05 cm
face shield bandana

Custom tubular face shield bandana