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Custom Rubber Keychains,
Custom PVC Keychain Manufacturer,Custom Shaped & Designed With Your Logo

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Custom Shaped & Designed With Your Logo,Custom Rubber Keychains

Custom rubber keychains are flexible and can last for years. Waterproof and flexible, this keychain style can be made into a two-sided design and into any shape. Logo colors can easily be matched and any logo can be made into a 3D enhanced mold. 3D custom keychains can make made in days.

The Unitgift Company is a manufacturer custom PVC keychains. Made to order and designed with your ideas or sketch. We can match your logo colors and follow your design shape. Designs can include a different design on the back or use the same art from the front side. You can also specify how many links you would like on your chain as well as the size of your split rings. All the colors of your design will be separated by a thin gap between each color. You can choose the size and position of where the chain connects.

1) Embossed 2D or 3D effect, silk screened or UV colourful printing full side.
2) Customized designs and sizes are welcome
3) It can be used for promotion gifts, Souvenir and others.
4) Put your key through keychain, very convenient for you to take keys whilst show your personality.
5) High quality ( with strict quality testing and quality control ) and reasonable price to your entire satisfaction..
6) Smart choice for promotion!

Custom Logo Keychains Created Using PVC in 2D or 3D

There are three ways to make a design from PVC. 2D images can include a single layer. They can also be created with multiple levels and still be 2D. 3D images have a sculpted look and have a more rounded look to them. All three methods will need a mold created. Molds are created in any shape or size and allow for as many colors as you can fit into a design.

Logo colors have a thin space between them and designs can be one-sided or double-sided.

Custom Keychains Made From Soft Rubber

3D Rubber Keychains: Because they’re crafted from soft PVC rubber, they can be molded into three dimensions, bringing your business or organization’s logo or mascot to life in a fun and functional. Three-dimensional products are perfect for caricature animals, for cartoon characters, and rounded or multi-leveled images and designs, and are offered in a multitude of colors. When used for promoting a business, they leave a lasting impression on employees, clients, and customers alike.


Custom Rubber Keychains